Hi, I’m Dawna,

I am a health coach and personal trainer based in Boulder, Colorado. With more than two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, my passion lies in helping individuals to make lasting and positive changes to their health and well-being.

There was a time in my life when wanted to be fit and healthy but didn’t know how. Determined to achieve my goals, I hired a personal trainer, and while I didn’t reach every goal I had set, I gained something infinitely more valuable – belief in myself.

That transformative time instilled in me the belief that I could conquer challenges and persevere. I realized I possessed an inner strength that extended far beyond fitness, and a belief that one didn’t have to be an athlete to be fit. I made the decision to leave my job as a website designer and become a personal trainer. My mission? To assist individuals like me – those who didn’t come preprogrammed with a love for activity, those who needed a support system, tools, knowledge, and, most importantly, the unwavering belief that they were capable and valuable, regardless of ability or activity level.

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with clients of all backgrounds and abilities, yet felt I had more to offer. I found Health Coaching, and it was an instant fit, incorporating my lifelong passion for the psychology of human behavior and my love for personal growth, both my own and others. 

My journey has led me here, excited to embark on this new chapter with you. Together, we’ll discover the path to your best self, enabling you to embrace a healthier, more vibrant life.

I’ve been at this a while.
Here is a list of my credentials and certifications


University of California Santa Barbara – B.A. Psychology

Health Coaching

National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching – Health & Wellness Coach
– Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach
American College of Lifestyle Medicine – Lifestyle Medicine Coach
Whole Health Institute – ‘Taking Charge of My Life and My Health’ Group Facilitator
American Council on Exercise – Certified Health Coach


American Council on Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer
Faster Health & Fitness – Diploma in Functional Performance, Diploma in Functional Therapy, Advanced Functional Trainer
Gray Institute – Certificate in Applied Functional Science
Muscle Activation Techniques – Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
International Mountain Biking Association – MTB Skills Instructor L2

Enough about me, let’s talk about you