How Health Coaching Works

Transform Your Health
Transform Your Life

As a National Board Certified Health and Well-being Coach trained by WellCoaches, the American Council on Exercise, and the Whole Health Institute, I guide clients through a client-centered, structured process that is proven to create sustainable, long-lasting change.

Six steps  to better health and well-being

1 – Create your Wellness Vision

We establish your vision for optimal health and wellness rooted in your defined values and personal strengths.

2 – Explore Assessments

We explore assessments to identify any gaps between where you currently are and where you want to be.

3 – Choose a focus area

We choose a place to start, a focus area to begin setting goals around.

4 – Establish Long Term Goals 

We set a 3 to 6 month goal with clearly defined weekly action steps.

5 – Zoom In

We decide on a starting point to prepare you for action, establish accountability, prepare for potential barriers and reinforce support systems.

6 – It’s time for action

We continue with scheduled check-in sessions to acknowledge success, assess progress, maximize learning, identify setbacks and fuel forward momentum for sustained change.

We focus on the foundations that work together to create optimal health and longevity

Juice cleanse? Biohacking? I’ve seen it all. I don’t believe in shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle, but I do believe in making wellness simpler, more effective and sustainable so you can get on the right track and stay there!

We start with your vision so that you have a clear ‘north star’ guiding your every step and making you unstoppable along the way to reaching your health goals. Then we focus on the primary domains of health for our coaching approach. We will identify the areas that need attention while strengthening what’s already working for you, enabling you to build your own personalized operating manual along with actionable strategies so you can feel and live better.




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“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”

~ Lao Tzu